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Trying out: Hello Kitty Online SEA

Decided to try out Hello Kitty Online SEA because of the nice music video they made for it

Bah, the actual game doesn’t really give me any mood to try on. At least it’s free to play.
The download manager does not work for SEA version doesn’t work for me, so I had to download the one whole 2GB file with hopes of not getting any errors.
Character customization is… simple. Too simple. 3 hairstyles, 5 different faces..
All players have different types of skills likes harvesting, logging and farming, which is kinda like a Hello Kitty Harvest Moon.

Went into the game and it felt… kinda lag, which I don’t think is a problem with my connection. The players around me were all moving at F1 race car speed, except me. Very few players in the game, almost no one. Monsters doesn’t spawn, it sleeps.. and wakes up after 1 or 2 minutes..

and the world map.

It’s just not my type of game. Maybe I’d play it if I were 4-10 years old. Good-bye Kitty.
Anyone interested can get the S.E.A version here or U.S version here.

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