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Made in China Versus Made in Japan

Why do most people prefer Made in Japan products and shun away the moment they see “Made in China”? Let us compare.

Made in China sanitary napkin..
china sanitary napkin
china sanitary napkin maggot

comes with free maggot.

Made in Japan sanitary napkin..

comes in a goth-loli design!

This Made in China bridge is..
Shanghai bridge rubbish
Shanghai bridge Styrofoam

famous for using rubbish and Styrofoam.

This Made in Japan bridge is..
great naruto bridge Japan
naruto anime bridge

famous for it’s manga or anime (Naruto Bridge).

Made in China anime characters and settings
soul's window character
soul's window characters
soul's window setting

soul's window puddle

are just rip-offs of Made in Japan anime characters and settings
5cm characters
5cm characters

5cm settings

5cm puddle

yes.. even the water puddle got ripped.

Well lastly, lets enjoy two great singers from the mentioned countries. Both of them specializes in using whistle register, the highest tone of the human voice. For Japan, (in my opinion) it’s Stephanie (ステファニー), with a MV of her song Kimi ga iru kagiri (君がいる限り) below.

And for China, it’s Jane Zhang (張靚穎), who became famous after joining a competition. Below is the video of her singing Minnie Riperton’s “Loving You”.

  1. November 27, 2011 at 6:50 am

    hey dude, those aren’t napkins!!!!!!!!!!!

    those are special pads that girls who don’t want to stick things in thier vaginas when on a period, stick to the vagina to stop the bleeding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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