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Fancy recycled boxers?

Well, not really recycled but, boxers made of recycled materials. If you wish to be different or wish to surprise your partner on your anniversary, this is for you. Computer geeks, here’s one for you. Population Control 2.0, a boxer made of circuit boards, will definitely live up to its name.

circuit board boxer

Bet no one will want to do anything to you after seeing this. It looks painful putting it on and getting it off. Great population control. Maybe the Cher the Love: Strong Enough thong will attract your partner back.

The thong is made of recycled Plexiglas, fine & sterling & silver, copper wire, rubber. Both are created by artist Emiko Oye, one who combines recycled material, precious metals and gemstones into urban jewelry and sculptures. Next is her jewelry work, which I initially thought was some Egyptian thong.

Her jewelry collection, known as Reware, features lots of Lego accessories and can be purchased from her site.

Via InventorSpot

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