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DotA to LoL to HoN

dota 6.64

Defense of the Ancients, also known as DotA, is a popular scenario map developed for Warcraft III. It has been around since 2005 and is constantly being updated by IceFrog. I believe there are many who have played it before, or are still playing it. DotA is so popular that it has inspired game companies to create games with similar game-plays.

First was League of Legends (LoL), developed and published by Riot Games and designed by previous DotA designer Steve “Guinsoo” Freak. It was released in October last year as a standalone game and client with comic-styled environment and characters. Other than the standard 4 button skills, all characters have a unique passive skill.

This game has a character-rotation system which rotates the free heroes on the list weekly. If you do not wish to play free characters, obviously you’ll have to buy it using game-points, which can be obtained by playing game matches, or money. Also, your account has levels outside of game match. The higher your level, the more attribute points you’ll get and of course more advantage against newbies. LoL feature a matchmaking system which creates the match with a 50/50 chance of winning, but this system is crap. I’ve been up against enemy teams with 4-out-of-5 players who are level 20 and above, while my team and I were level 15 and below, which makes it an unfair game.

league of legend

Similarly to DotA, they also have a rune system. What’s different is that the runes are bought and equipped by players before game matches start. Naturally, people who always play it are at advantage.

league of legends rune
If you’re a skilled player who’s just starting out and you’re up against old birds who suck, it’s a good game for you. I prefer DotA over this even though graphics for this is much better because of the unfair game system. Basically if you play this all the time and you don’t even know how to kill, chances are you’ll still win because you have better attributes and runes. The only thing that is better than DotA is that it has a reconnection feature – disconnected players can still join back into the match.

Next up is Heroes of Newerth (HoN).

HoN is developed and published by S2 Games, like LoL, is a standalone game and client. It is currently in beta-testing phase, but there are already more than 1 million registered players. When logged into the game client, you can see and join room channels, a interface much like Gunbound’s. Game list is like BattleNet in Warcraft III, and hero selection takes place before match starts.

Compared to LoL, HoN is more similar to DotA in terms of characters and items.  Though all the characters are redesigned and renamed, most of them are actually from DotA. It’s better this way cause you do not need to relearn all the stuff. Of course, there are new heroes as well. Also, game characters have a graphically better looking skill effects here.

Faceless Void ulti in DotA

Chronos ulti in HoN

These two are somewhat similar heroes and the above skills are the same, but look at the cool effects in HoN. It definitely makes players more interested as compared to that ugly-looking hemisphere.

Although items in the game are mostly same as DotA’s, purchasing of items are like LoL’s.

heroes of newerth items

HoN is better than DotA because it has a reconnection system, leaver protection system (disallow players with a history of quitting the game midway from joining) and better graphics, but I’m still stuck on DotA. Guess I’m much more used to it than HoN.

Overall, LoL is the worst out of the 3 and DotA the winner because HoN is still bugged. Client crashes very often. Fix that and it will stand on equal with DotA.

To get the latest DotA map visit GetDota.
League of Legends official site.
Heroes of Newerth official site.

  1. October 20, 2010 at 11:22 pm

    You’re totally wrong, i play to the 3 games Dota, Hon. and League,

    The story you said with your rune is pure shit,
    I play at high level ranking without the need to have runes, rune are just a little boost nothing very sensationnal isn’t rune who differency two players but pure skills, reflexion, and adapations.

    League of legends is far superior than Hon, graphics are amazing, gameplay excellent, Hon, it’s bugged, exploits, cras, not free to play

    Hon, look like this little game create by pure beginner dev team, Audio is so much horrible you don’t want to play with it, i mean whats the point to play HoN, when we see the sad copy, i prefer 20times Dota, sure ain’t have as much heroes?

    but at least it make sense. It’s very laggy too. it’s not even fun.

    if i would class them it will be : League / Dota / others, others, others / and then HoN

  2. Daelon
    September 1, 2012 at 5:32 am

    yeah your an ass hole only HON is for Elite players Who is From Dota of course you play LOL becuase your a noob when i was playing LOL i just dominate every one else and start talking trash next day i got banned for trash talking what a cry babies and almost all i play the games it has leavers and AFKERS maybe you like LOL because it’s freee!!! well how poor are you can’t afford 30$ i played HON and all the players are PRO’s yeti had difficulties of buying items after week or two so i got used to it and still i loss because all the players on HON are pro’s and my Friend’s started to play HON because they are from LOL and they lose in every way.HOn has also buying skins Dumb fuck but the skins are just cooler than your baby champions if i were you i should just quit LOL and go for HON

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