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I can’t wait for Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

News of a new Monster Hunter series for the PSP has been announced and will be released this year. It features an awesome Japanese town setting, new armours, new maps and new monsters which I’m totally looking forward to. You’ll also be able to go on quests with two feline pals this time and fully customise your feline buddies’ weapons and armour.

The trailer is full of awesomeness

Below are some pictures of monsters and maps taken from the official site.

Town map

Golden Ouga

Blue Ashira


New maps

Other than the 11 types of weapons (Sword and Shield, Long Sword, Great sword, Dual Blades, Lance, Gunlance, Hammer, Light Bowgun, Heavy Bowgun, Bow, Hunting Horn), there’s going to be a new 変形武器<スラッシュアックス> which translates to Shape-changing weapon (Slash Axe) which I do not know if it’s a new type of weapon…

And.. something new which I came across at GameFAQs‘ MHP3 board.
* Armor uses the skill points system.
* A new communication element is added to deepen multiplay. Still a secret for now.
* You can use Kanji and other Japanese alphabets for character names (until now they were only in English even in the Japanese games)

Can’t wait for all of these (the Japanese version of course).

Check out the official site.

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