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The Last Story’s concept art

the last story

Concept artwork for The Last Story was revealed at the Nintendo site. It shows the concept of the island, city, soldiers and water (ships). The story takes place on Ruli Island, with the ruler, Lord Aruganan, in search of magic as a source of power. Although the rest of the island is suffering from corruption and decay, the town of Ruli alone remains prosperous and wealthy, as is it surrounded by a mysterious magic. Due to this magic, the fate of the island is going to be changed forever.

Next are the towns of The Last Story which are inspired by French and Italian villages. The game features large towns and getting players lost and wander around randomly is one of the goals of the design. The goals behind the cities are to give off impressions that the towns are alive – by changing the behaviour of residents and passer-bys periodically.

Knights and mecenaries are a part of the game.

Newly updated concept art are sailing ships. “The world within an island is extended with ships.” Ruli Island, an island with European architecture, is the game’s setting. Canals running through the island lead to the sea and teaches people to use ships to adventure further.

“When it comes to computer graphics, the feeling of ‘water’ is remarkably lovely,” says the director. You’ll see water in the castle, center of the city, caves (falling from waterfalls), and when the characters travel in the open sea. “Vehicles for a fantasy world are an essential tool to get your heart racing with excitement,” said the producer.

Via Siliconera

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