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For the Final Fantasy fan in you and me

I love Final Fantasy series – gameplay, storyline, the game characters and not to mention, the soundtracks. No PS3 for me, therefore, I’m glad that there is a upcoming Final Fantasy release for PC. The beta test for Final Fantasy 14 has already started and is scheduled to be released this year. One word to describe the screenshots and videos that I’ve seen for the game – awesome!

As you can see, there are 5 races to choose from in the game, in order – Elezen, Lalafell, Hyur, Roegadyn and Mito’qe. One look and I’d guess that the Hyur, or human race, will be the popular pick. I’m still gonna stick to the Lalafell – it’s just so cute, I can’t resist.

However, to fully enjoy the game, DirectX 10 is needed. Means a graphics card or system upgrade for some of the fans out there.

DirectX 10 is highly recommended and is one of the system requirements to enter the beta test. Stick to DirectX 9 if you don’t mind having jello to replace the water. Also, at least 20GB of hard disk space is required for the game – 10GB for the installing process and the other 10GB for installed contents and extra downloads. Glad that my current desktop meets the recommended requirements – just hope that it doesn’t die on me.

Final Fantasy XIV trailer for Tokyo Game Show 2009

Check out the “Life in Eorzea” video which give a brief introduction to what you can expect. In Japanese though.

And.. some screenshots taken off the official site.

Do want it and definitely gonna get my hands on a copy when it’s out.

A fan of the Final Fantasy series, or think your computer is able to handle the game? Sign up for the beta test here.

Final Fantasy XIV official site


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