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Domains with simple names

Have you ever been bored enough to search for random websites using words that we use daily? I did. Didn’t realise sites like these exist.

What has updated feeds to the most popular sites like Twitter, Google, Wikipedia and many more.

Haha links you to funny videos.

Hithere, don’t know if it’s “Hi There” or “Hit Here”, is a web-browser game developer.

lol generates a random joke upon visiting the site.

FuckYou is a forum that provides you with a community to complain or rant.

ThankYou, a CitiGroup site, is a free rewards program where you get points just for doing what you already do.

Hmmm.. Makes me wonder what it’s for. A site for the creative people to come together I guess.

Okay makes buying or selling property in Hong Kong OKAY!

Hell. Seriously don’t know what this site is for. Feels spooky. It has a members’ area, though there isn’t a way to register at the site.

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