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Clans of Final Fantasy XIV revealed

There is a update on the different clans over at Final Fantasy XIV’s official site. Each race is divided into two clans and the update includes descriptions for each clan. Weapon efficiency is based on each clan’s characteristic and not on the race.

The Elezen race is divided into Wildwood and Duskwight clan.

Wildwood Elezen possess an incredible sense of sight and are great as archers. They have lived in Eorzea’s forests but have ventured from the forests, drawn either to the exhilarating cosmopolitanism of urban centers or simple nomadism of the plains.

Duskwight Elezen have great sense of hearing instead of sight, and are better at hand-to-hand combats. The Duskwight clan has spent centuries in Eorzea’s caves and caverns and many have resorted to robbery and pillaging to stay alive.

The Lalafell clans consists of Plainsfolk and Dunesfolk.

Plainsfolk live in traditional thatched huts with complex passageways underground. Their earthy and grassy hair colour tones mimics their nature environment and the pointy ears are capable of detecting the faintest scamper.

Dunesfolk lives on the backs of large beasts and their distinct characteristic is the luminous eyes. Small gemstones representing their zodiacal signs are worn on their foreheads.

Next are the humans: Midland Hyur and Highland Hyur.

The Midlander clan comprises over half of the total population of Eorzea’s Hyurs. They are more educated than many of the other clans and races.

Highlanders lives in Eorzea’s mountainous regions (obviously) and have bigger body build than Midlanders. Mostly working as mercenaries and sellswords. There are no screenshots of female Highlanders, males only maybe.

The muscular and hairy race, Roegadyn, consists of the Sea Wolves and Hellsguard.

The Sea Wolves came from islands far of the far north seas. Now, they are mostly employed as sailors, naval mercenaries or bodyguards.

Hellsguard are the total opposites of Sea Wolves. They inhabit the volcanic regions and stood over the flames as a guardian to prevent the passage of souls back to the realm of the living. This clan is open to a wide range of paths from martial to magical arts.

Lastly, you have the hunters race, Miqo’te which has diverged into two groups: Seekers of the Sun and Keepers of the Moon.

As the name suggests, they are the diurnal clan of the race. The distinctive feature of this clan are the eyes – vertically aligned pupils and light-coloured irises.

Keepers of the Moon revel in the shroud of night. They are accustomed to put on make-up (war paint).

Can’t wait to try out.

Via FinalFantasyXIV

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