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Too bad Jeanette Aw, you got ignored

As a Singaporean and I’m not at all interested in Singapore dramas. Romance, family, romance, family and family again.. Boring. I definitely don’t care much about the actors or actresses and of course did not bother with the Star Awards 2010 Ceremony on Sunday, April 25th. However, when I was surfing through a popular forum in Singapore, a thread caught my attention. Jeanette Aw, one of the “7 Princesses” in Singapore’s acting industry, got ignored by one of the award winners.

Many belonging to the forum are talking about it right now and it was a really embarassing moment for her. Thanks to her acting skills, she managed to maintain her smile as she got ignored.

The very “cruel” video of Jeanette Aw being ignored after she stood up and offered a congratulatory handshake.

Looks to me she was ignored on purpose. Netizens of the famous forum are saying she’s Constance Song, though she looks like Felicia Chin to me. Many people are happy about this and I’m part of them. Why? ‘Cause she’s just gotten a taste of her own medicine.

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