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2PM’s never going down

I’m currently into KPOP. Didn’t really liked it before because korean songs sounded too alike, but I guess tastes change as time passes. 2PM has released their third single “Don’t Stop Can’t Stop” this month and I kinda like it.

There are six tracks in their single, two of which are just a remix of the original.

Track list
1. Don’t Stop Can’t Stop
2. Without U
3. 마자 (Right)
4. 목숨을 건다 (Risk my life)
5. Without U (Explorer Mix)
6. Space 마자

The song “Don’t Stop Can’t Stop” seems like it was targeted at 2PM’s haters (after Jay Park’s termination from 2PM).

Part of the lyrics taken from the song

“This is 2PM & we’re NEVER going down”

“You wanna see me fall right? (Haters)
Like a candle on a windy night, yeah right
Just watch me do this take a breath hold tight
I’m never going down without a fight, a’ight?”

Listen to the tracks below:

Don’t Stop Can’t Stop audio only

Without U MV with English and Chinese caption

마자 (Right)

목숨을 건다 (Risk my life)

I personally like Without U, 마자 and 목숨을 건다. The songs are catchy and they’ve proven to be stronger and better than before with this new EP.

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