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Fell in love with an Android

I’ve fallen in love with my Android. It’s officially one month old now and not bored of it yet. In fact, what bores me is that every where I go I see dozens of iPhones. Wanna share some of the apps that I use on my Xperia X10 and this is gonna be a video-filled post.

A song to go along: Fell in love with an android by Simon Curtis

Well back to the apps.
This is a must-have for RPG fans – Zenonia

It’s really good. Storyline and quests are great to keep you going. It’s so good that Zenonia 2: The Lost Memories is available. Check out the review below, it looks even better than Zenonia.

And here are some games to kill time.


Air Control

Shoot u!

Now, time for the apps that I use on my X10 (mostly camera apps).

Here’s my recent cool find – Vignette for Android

It has many wonderful effects for you to choose from and what’s great is the demo is fully unlocked! The only restriction is a 0.3MP picture. Here are some photos that I took with it.

I was using FXcamera before I switched to Vignette for Android. It’s also a magnificent camera app for Android. The best part about this is that it’s free and offers a better resolution than the Vignette demo that I’m using.

I love the Toy Camera effect!

And here’s one that’s great for the astronomy-maniac in you. Google Sky Map – helps you identify the stars and planets on your Android.

Hope the Android Market opens up to Singapore for me to purchase Zenonia!

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