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Eloped young couple caught after 5 days

A young couple ran away from home last Thursday with $2000 cash the girl stole from her home. The stolen cash was found but only $400 remained after their 5 days of “fun”. They thought they wouldn’t be caught but well, Singapore is just a small island afterall..

The girl, Dayna, aged 13 ran away from her home together with her 19-year-old boyfriend, Zhao Long, after she was slapped by her mum. There wasn’t any news from them for 3 days until 2 days ago, a HDB block in Tampines was vandalised by the couple.

The girl’s reasons – show her hate for her mum and the guy’s – freedom. They also bragged about how they will not get caught and told their parents not to look for them.

One day after the vandalism, they were caught by non-uniformed police. They both ran separate ways while on the phone together and the girl was caught first. When the guy told her that he wanted to seek death, the girl got worried and led police to find him. He jumped off from the 10th storey and was, luckily or unluckily, saved by the inflatable mattress that was already set up below.

They were arrested, of course. The childish young couple spent the $1600 on dyeing their hair for disguises, dining at restaurants like they were on a date and new clothes to change daily. The guy even bought himself a pair of branded shoes.

Dayna’s mum doesn’t know what to do with her and will be sending her to a girls’ home. She read through her daughter’s diary and discovered her daughter has already lost her virginity to the guy. The guy is now faced with many charges including, rape or maybe sex with a minor, committing suicide (a crime in Singapore) and AWOL from National Service.

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  1. Julia2599
    January 8, 2011 at 4:41 pm

    poor Kyon… T_T

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