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Manga caused death of mum and sister


A 15-year-old Hong Kong boy called up the police and confessed to chopping up his mum and sister to death at home..

Police found the boy at around 4am in a park carrying a bag containing a bloodstained chopper and glove. Another bloody glove was found nearby.

His sister, Kan Chun Yuen (above), and mother, Lam Lim Kam, were attacked in the bedroom and had made their way to the living room. Both were found dead in a pool of blood with their heads nearly severed. The boy’s father was at work during the time of attack.

The boy was in a daze and kept repeating:

“Slash them to death. It’s better if we have fewer people in the world”

quoted from his favourite manga by Fujiko Fujio.

No charges were made yet and teen is currently undergoing mental assessment.

The manga artists are known for their children works Doraemon, Obake no Q-tarō‎ and Parasol Henbē so I’m really curious which title actually led him to act on this gruesome crime..

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