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Any JPOP lovers left?

JPOP was a hit last time, what about now? Feels like KPOP is taking over but I still prefer JPOP because there are more variations in the music elements and genre as compared to KPOP (mostly dance hits).

I guess anime lovers will still listen to JPOP since most of them are used as themes. Here are some new songs from Japanese singers I like:

SEAMO - 海へいっこう(Umi e Ikou)

いきものがかり (ikimonogatari) - キミがいる (Kimi ga iru)

FUNKY MONKEY BABYS - あとひとつ (Ato Hitotsu)

奥華子 (Oku Hanako) - ガラスの花 (Garasu no hana)

HanaH - alone in my room

Short clip because Universal Japan removed all videos and disabled embedding (argh)

And don’t forget the new K-ON!! season 2 theme songs! JPOP lovers, join me!

  1. August 6, 2011 at 3:25 am

    IM A JPOP LOVER! dont get me wrong, i love Kpop and even Cpop but your right about kpop having a lot dance hits. AKB48 is a good group too! as well as Naoya Utrata ^o^

    MinaOhh95– minaohh95.wordpress.com

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